5 Branding Tips to Make You, Or Your Business, Standout

branding Sep 01, 2020

Imagine the internet as a big marketplace and you are one of the sellers. Each stall has their own product with hundreds of people passing by. They are looking for what you have and comparing it with the rest of the sellers.

How can you make your voice stand out in a multitude of online activities?

In just a 1 second click of a button:

  • 3.5 million people search in Google
  • 1.8 million send Snaps
  • 452,000 send a tweet
  • $751,522 is spent on online on games, ebooks, etickets, concerts, you name it!

How do you keep your head high and rise above the rest? How do you stand out and be the go to place for these online users?

It’s a tricky thing but it can be learned and mastered.

The best way to stand out is through branding.

You, or your business, should have your own identity, where people can form a picture of you when they think of what you represent. Of course, this is not something that happens overnight, it has to be nurtured, and grown.

Here are 5 tips on branding to make you, or your business, standout:

1.       Provide relevant content

Quality is still the best way to capture interest. Valuable content gives the readers and users value for the time they spend on your product and/or article. Everybody is looking for something to learn, quality content goes beyond just description, it has to touch the readers and trigger something in them. It should be the emotional and informational bridge that connects you to your consumers.

2.       Get your pack, build your followers

It is difficult to please everybody, you have to find your niche and target your audience. Once you know who you are going to target, work on them. Use social media to target your audience, appeal to them, be helpful and ready to listen to them and give advice when they need it. LinkedIn is a great network for professionals, Twitter for promoting  your content and Facebook for engaging in groups. Create rich profiles on all these networks and post content, helpful tips, and offer help, this will make you popular over a period of time if done consistently. 

3.       Create what makes you unique – have your own voice

You know that you are not the only person out there, there are thousands and thousands, who also know what you know and offer what you have to offer. You have the same stuff, but your mission, your why, is not the same. Stand out in this area,: telling your audience why you do what you do. Let your unique personality shine through you. Remember, people do not buy goods, they buy stories behind those goods.

4.       Give yourself a “tag” name

This is helpful in search engines. When people do a search they just type in a few words or phrases. It is beneficial  to have a few keywords associated with your brand. Use these keywords in your mission statement, in your opening lines and in your content frequently, so that people can find you easily and remember you more quickly with these keywords.

5.       Think out of the box and out of the screen

In this age, social media is the fastest way to meet people. However it is still the old fashioned way of physically meeting people, shaking hands with them, talking to them personally that forms the most beneficial and long lasting connection. After you have created your brand online, give yourself time to get up and get out to the world, build offline connections, and promote your brand . Be handy with your business cards, and be handy with your pitch that promotes your brand.

When you connect with your audience, they feel important, they feel they are part of something bigger. Many of our followers believe in the Brand Setter Agency vision, laid out by our founder Natascha Sing.

"If you share what you really believe in you will find your true 1,000 fans that will stick with you for a lifetime".

Are you struggling to attract the right audience? Struggling with social media or developing income producing products for your audience? Then you need to go brand yourself!

Book in your free 1-2-1 consultation with one of our senior branding and product development advisers to see how you can elevate you, or your business, today. Email Emily at [email protected]


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