Using Press Releases To Help Your SEO Rankings

Being on the top of Google for your most important keywords, or even just having a first page presence for your company name is essential in building credibility online. There’s a wealth of information on how to write SEO (Search Engine Optimised) copy. However, the best copy in the wrong place isn’t going to help one bit.

Of course, there are all those chop shop houses promising you the first page of Google - isn’t that an easier option? Sure, for a quick result that will probably get your whole website and company name banned from Google. Clearly, you don’t want to go down that route!

Why do press releases help with SEO rankings?

There’s a big debate on whether or not press releases actually do help your SEO rankings. We at the Brand Setter Agency firmly believe that it does. After all, any search engine algorithm  will search for information from credible sources first. You can’t get any more credible than the major media outlets. Our experience also tells us that press releases really do help with SEO.

As our CEO Natascha Sing highlights: “Learning to leverage press releases in your favour to gain an SEO advantage has helped some of our clients increase their sales and revenue in the process. After all, it’s about dominating your industry so you, or your company, are seen as the go-to expert in your field.”

The naysayers who think this type of branding strategy is ineffective are usually copywriters who have little understanding of SEO and the constant updates from Penguin to Panda (Google code names for their search engine algorithms).

Or, they’re some type of business owner who paid someone who promised them first page rankings only then to be banned from Google. It happens - far too often! The reason they don’t offer the press release route is because they don’t have the media contacts in play to do so.

How do I start using press releases?

Before you can even think about using a press release it’s important you have a branding strategy in place, otherwise it’s a wasted effort for a quick win. It needs to fit in line with a bigger plan and be a stepping stone to where you want to take your audience.

Too often we also see badly written press releases that get rejected because they don’t follow the standard media guidelines. These are essential to follow as it not only helps you write good news worth content for your audience but you also get the chance to add in your keywords and look credible online!

At the Brand Setter Agency, using press releases to build authority and credibility, whilst boosting search rankings, is just one part of our branding strategy. Albeit, a very important one!

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