PRESS: Natascha Sing Talks Branding Strategies For The Online World

branding interviews press Nov 01, 2020

Press clipping from WKTV and FOX34:


How To Stand Out Online

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - With more and more people opening up online companies it’s even more important that your business, or individual profile, stands out from the crowd. The expert use of branding strategies can make a huge difference in building trust and credibility with a potential audience. Brand Setter Agency™ CEO, Natascha Sing, knows the power of getting a company, or individual’s, profile branded correctly.

As Sing comments: “People buy people. So, how do you get that across online? The web is flooded with brandless identities which leaves users, or customers, failing to buy into your products or services. The key is to build trust, credibility and engagement through effective branding strategies”.

The idea makes a lot of sense looking at the world’s most profitable and recognisable brands. Companies like Facebook, Google, Apple and even McDonald’s aren’t...

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