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Expand Your Reach Through Branded Products

If you want to build additional revenue streams through your existing business, or profile, the Brand Producer™ can help.  

Our team will help you create and launch your online course, audio book, mentorship program, live seminar material or backend membership program to increase your revenue streams and profile. 


A library of EXPERT PRODUCTS will engage your clients, showcase your expertise and can grow your income streams


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If you're an entrepreneur, startup founder, business owner, coach or consultant and want to be considered an authority in your field then the Brand Setter Agency can help.

We have helped clients establish themselves as authorities in their field or industry though effective branding, cutting edge media and marketing strategies and through the creation and use of ‘expert products’.

We have worked with our clients to develop, write and publish and create best-selling educational products have received raving reviews, awards and distinctions and have hit best-seller lists all over the globe.

The creation and development of products does not only serve as a strong marketing tool but is a great, low entry product to showcase your product or service to your prospective clients.

It enables you to enroll them into the experience while positioning yourself or your business as the go-to expert.


Enroll your customers into your profile and brand through a best seller book, audio book, online course, live seminar or exclusive membership area...

We live in the age of information overload. From the moment we get up, we process and fend of information. A lot of that information is either promoting a cause, an opinion or a product.

We have gotten smart about how we process and fend off information and a strong adversity to ‘being sold to’ is trending.

If we want to get our message across we should be perceived as a credible, authoritative and a trustworthy source whilst adding value to our customers.

Expand Your Reach Through Branded Products!

BSA Brand Producer™

Expand Your Reach Through Awesome Products

  1. Our team of specialist marketers will help you plan a strategy to create an EXPERT PRODUCT that will help build your authority status, position yourself uniquely in your market place and engage with your clients effectively 
  2. An EXPERT PRODUCT is a value adding, non-invasive marketing tool to ‘state your case’ share your expertise, explain the benefits of working with you and showcase your successes
  3. An EXPERT PRODUCT is the perfect way to  leverage off your existing business and can serve as an additional revenue and income stream
  4. Reach a global audience and achieve recurring revenue streams through the use of online products and membership areas
  5. Our team have helped businesses, coaches and consultants with their book idea, audio book, live seminar material and online membership areas
  6. We will assess where your business is, extract your vision of where you want it to be and work to make it a reality
  7. Together we will identify areas of growth and expansion and determine a tailor made strategy to create and utilise the best products for you

Whether you would like to focus on online lead generation, new client acquisition or client retention and leveraging of existing contacts and partners. The BSA team have the formula of success and systems for your specific situation.

We have created eBooks, best sellers, online marketing tools, opt-ins and promotional material leading to an increase in sales and opportunities to partner with legends in their industry. As well as sponsorship deals and opportunities to speak on platforms ranging from TedX to the UN, to ABC and CNBC and industry specific events.


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Your Personal Brand Manager & Authority Expert | Natascha Sing

Natascha Sing, a trained lawyer turned entrepreneur, is now considered one of the world’s leading branding experts.

She has helped companies, entrepreneurs and professionals such as world class speakers, coaches and celebrities to position themselves as the leading authority in their industry.

Through new world marketing, media and PR she has helped her partners expand their reach globally and exponentially grow their turnover.

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If you're an entrepreneur, startup founder, business owner, coach or consultant and want to be considered an authority in your field then the Brand Setter Agency can help.


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